Treatment may include any or all and will last between 40 min to on hour.  Complete therapy visits are provided to minimize the need for return visits and to provide more comprehensive care.

  • Chiropractic adjustment (choice of: Manual/Diversified-produces "popping sound", Gentle mobilization - massages spinal joint to restore motion, Activator adjusting instrument - most gentle option.

  • Clothed regional massage - to address specific areas of discomfort to aid in soft tissue healing.

  • Lower back passive stretching/traction -addresses muscle tightness/spasm and sciatica

  • Neck traction - helps to remove pressure from spinal nerves that can cause numbness/tingling in the arms, hands, and fingers.

  • Ultrasound therapy - provides deep heating (2 to 4 cm) under the skin to provide pain relief and to aid in tissue healing (sprains,strains,tendonitis, etc.)

  • Electric muscle stimulation - aids in decreasing muscle spasm and provides pain relief.

  • Roller mechanical massage/traction table - loosens and gently tractions spinal joints.

  • Stretching/weight bearing exercises - improves muscle strength and flexiblility.

  • Office consultation/exam - Required on initial patient visit and includes consultation, assessment, and patient exam in order to diagnose patient problems.  The consultation time may also be used for second opinion advice concerning scheduled surgery or treatment being received elsewhere for current problems.  Consultation will also be needed for imaging explanation/review for X-ray or MRI results.