You will usually be fully clothed during the exam & for most treatment

I do not X-Ray every single patient and only request X-Rays be taken (prior to beginning care) if you've been involved in an accident. I will order diagnostic imaging (X-Ray, MRI) should your condition warrant such procedures during the examination, worsen during the course of care or if you have a known active disease.  I follow nationally recognized patient standards of care in order to minimize unneccesary radiation exposure.

In most cases, you will receive treatment on your first visit.

Treatment may include: chiropractic adjustment, manual therapy, spinal traction, clothed massage therapy to areas of concern, electrical stimulation, ultrasound therapy, physical therapy, etc

There are two forms to fill out when arriving at the office for your first visit: : (1) patient information sheet including current complaints and medical history and (2) an insurance information sheet.

New patients are encouraged to ask about available treatments and to take an active role in individual treatment planning. Questions are always welcome.