Office Hours - Dr. Christopher May - Nashville


10AM - 8PM CLOSED 10AM - 8PM 11AM - 8PM 10AM - 6PM * 10:30 - 2:30 CLOSED


* Check appointment scheduling calendar for Saturday availability.  Saturday appointments will vary by week but will be available at least two weekends per month.


Appointment Scheduling Information

When using the automated online appointment scheduling system, please note that appointments may only be scheduled through this system at least 12 hours before the appointment time.  If you have questions or if a same day appointment is needed, you may use email or call the office number at (615) 220-0777 and leave a message if call goes unanswered.  Your call or email will be returned as soon as possible by Dr. May during office hours.  A same day appointment request can usually be scheduled after 1:00PM on the day requested. Please note that this office does not maintain dedicated office staff for the sole purpose of answering the phone.